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KU Fans Psyched for Border War Showdown

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LAWRENCE, Kan. --  People in Kansas and Missouri are psyched about the KU/MU game on Saturday night. Fans say the long-standing rivalry is more exciting than the Superbowl.

Saturday's game between KU and MU could be the last time KU plays at Mizzou.

"It's going to be loud there and it's going to be a fierce environment but KU is going to come strong," said KU fan Dan LeGree.

Grant Guevel is an MU fan who was walking on Kansas turf Saturday. He was trash talking about what he believes is KU's impending defeat.

"I think it's going to be interesting," MU fan Grant Guevel said.  "It's the first time in a couple of years that they have both been in the top ten and I feel like Mizzou can compete with football and now we are right there basketball. I think it's going to be a really, really exciting game tonight!"

Guevel is predicting a 76-68 Tiger Win.

FOX 4 talked to a KU fan who has a different prediction.

"I think it was baseless and irrelevant," said KU fan Tommy Keenan. "He doesn't know what he's talking about. There is no way that the Tigers are going to win this year."

Another KU fan, Chris Fertig says KU has the right mix of players to pull off a big win for the Jayahwks.

"They just seem like they have good chemistry," Fertig said. "While they're not as talented as some teams of the past, they play well together. I feel like winning is important to them, the team is important to them."

Fans on both sides of the state line are looking forward to Saturday night's game. Man are sad that the rivalry between the two schools is coming to an end.

"We sometimes get angry with Mizzou for leaving," said KU fan Courtney Schmidt. "I think a lot of people are relieved as well because it can be so brutal sometimes."

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