Locker Room Sexual Assaults in Hardin, Mo.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HARDIN, Mo. -- Two teens are charged with sexual assault, accused of attacking two classmates in the school locker room on separate occasions from October through December 2011.

The accused are Jeffrey Ellis, 17, and Randy Estenbaum, 18; both charged as adults with forcible sodomy.

According to court documents, the assaults began in October.  In November, one of the accusers told police that Estenbaum pinned him down and forced his legs up in the air and "humped" him while he was naked.

Another assault occurred in December, when police say Ellis assaulted two boys with the help of two others. While the others helped hang the boys upside down, Ellis allegedly pulled down the pants of one of the boys and stuck a water bottle in his rectum.

Many in the small community had heard the rumors of hazing incidents at the school, but say now with the charges filed, it's obviously more serious than they thought.

"It's horrifying, just horrifying to think what a kid would go through now that we realize this is what actually...." said Susannah Blackstock of Hardin. "I don't know what goes through the minds of a 17- or 18-year olds who could admit a crime like that against another person. It's incredible," she said.

According to an anonymous source, four students were expelled in January. However, school officials have refused to comment on the disciplinary action taken by the Board of Education.

When questioned by police, Ellis admitted in a written statement that he, with the help of two other students, had sexually assaulted the victim in Dec. 2011.

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