Women + Road Trip + Super Bowl Zip Line = Awesome Story

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Rita Oliver and Melissa Phillips call it the most spontaneous thing they’ve ever done.

The women were watching the evening news last Friday from their homes in Independence, Missouri when they saw a story about the Super Bowl zip line attraction in Indianapolis. Within minutes they were on the phone making plans for a road trip. A short time later, they hit the highway for eight straight hours.

“My GPS took us right to the zip line,” said Oliver.

They showed up to rain, thousands of people who had been waiting in line since midnight, and the realization that tickets to the attraction were sold out.

“We didn’t even think about that before we left,” said Phillips. “We just really wanted to go. We were bummed.”

Their luck turned around when a Super Bowl volunteer approached them and asked if they needed help. They explained their situation and verified their story by showing him their Missouri drivers licenses.

“It’s so funny how things work out,” said Oliver. “If we would have been in that spot five minutes later we would have never met Bob.”

Less than a half hour later, they each had a ticket for the sold-out zip line.

Click here to see pictures.

The ride lasted 45 seconds. Immediately afterwards, they got back in their car and headed home to Missouri.

“We didn’t care about seeing anything else,” said Oliver.

When FOX 4 asked if the less-than minute thrill was worth a 16-hour round trip, they replied positively.

“Absolutely. We would do it again,” said Oliver.

For Phillips, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, the split-second decision to travel to Indy meant more than just an adrenaline rush.

“I realized my life was moving quickly,” she said. “I needed to quit putting things off when I want to do something and just do it.”

So what’s next for the pair?

“I wonder what Super Bowl in 2013 will have to offer,” said Oliver.

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