It’s Not Too Early to Focus on Your Lawn

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Winter is finally rolling into Kansas City. Even though people may not be focused on their lawns, The Kansas City Lawn and Garden show offered some tips to ensure your lawn looks its best.

One metro company says a lush lawn starts with dormant seeding.

"Go out, spread the seed over the ground," said Richard Peeper with the Grass Pad. "The freezing and thawing of winter will open and close the soil and work the seed into the top layer of the soil for you."

If you already seeded this fall, beware. The Winter's dry weather may have killed it. If you haven't already laid down a winter fertilizer, you may want to do that. Many die hard gardeners spend the late winter months planning their vegetable gardens.

"If you are feeling cabin fever, a lot of people are picking up veggie seeds and doing starter seedlings inside so you can get a jump on spring," Peeper said. "Everyone wants to have that first tomato of the year."

Master gardeners are also gearing up for the spring flower planting season.

"Set upĀ  a plan," said master gardener Barbara Kauzlarich. "Set up a drawing, think about what you want to do in your garden like what you want to add and what you want to take away."

The master gardeners low-maintenance advice for your beautifully dappled landscape is to pick plants of merit. They are proven to grown in the heartland's varied climates and soil conditions.

"I like Daisies and Cone flowers," Kauzlarich said. "they really do good in the area."

Although no one is recommending planting outside this early in the year, the preparation for a great lawn and garden can never start too soon.

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