Fast Moving Changes

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Interesting weather day out there as temperatures have started to warm-up ahead of a cold front moving into the region. We’re in the upper 50s as of this writing and may go up another few more degrees before temperatures start to drop off later this afternoon.

Here is a temperature trace of how things have been going over the past 12 hours or so, notice that temperatures never really dropped off that much last night, despite there being some sprinkles in the region. The graph on the left hand side is the one that I want to show you…notice how the red line (temperatures) last night never really dropped off. By the way that is the past 48 hours of observations.

The latest weather map shows the cold front heading this way now.

With the front moving through, the winds will really start to pick up as the day moves along and while we’ll enjoy sunshine for the next few hours, clouds should move back in tonight and there is actually the chance of some light rain developing. What’s interesting is that the atmosphere will be turning colder over the next 12 hours. At 5K, feet the temperature that balloon analyzed this morning was close to 50°. By later this evening the temperature at that level will be down to near 20°. Pretty impressive drop. I suspect that there will be a chance of seeing some very light frozen precipitation up towards the IA border.

You’ll notice the winds really picking up as well as the day goes along, as a result a Wind Advisory is in effect for most of the area from lunchtime on. I still expect winds to gust to 30-40 MPH later today and this evening. Tomorrow will be another breezy day with highs near 45°.

Weekend still looks milder, especially Sunday.

Short blog today do to other commitments.






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