App Helps You Control Your TV from Your Phone

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LOS ANGELES -- Many of us are now watching TV with a tablet in hand. Television providers are taking notice and coming out with new apps that let you set recordings, and share with others what you're watching. They call it the second screen, watching TV, but keeping an eye on your tablet or phone.

Now those devices are interacting and controlling what we see on screen.

Scott Keeney, better known as DJ Skee, is one of the hottest DJs in Hollywood.

"We have about 500 things going on. So, I'm on radio out here on 102.7 KISS FM, you can hear me on serious XM Satellite radio Via iHeartRadio." Skee said. "We also own a channel 'SKEE TV' 200 million YouTube views inside of Denny's McDonald's, Taco Bell, everywhere."

And with his hectic schedule, Skee's time in front of the T.V. is very limited. So to get the most out of his TV time, he uses the all new, free app from AT&T U-verse.

"I'm always in the studio or on air and I'm missing my games..." Keeney says. "[So] I get my little alerts, my phone beeps, and I go on my tablet and go ahead and schedule my DVR to record that..."

The U-verse tablet app acts like a touchscreen remote, which allows users to control their TV's  from virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection. And with it, multitasking is a breeze.

"...While I'm browsing my news, looking at whatever else, going through emails, it's all on the same [device]," Skee said. "I don't have to fidget around or do anything else so that's one of the coolest features of this."

Adding to the functionality, the U-verse app also allows users connect to Facebook to share what they're watching.

"You're able to go in and with a few clicks get more pictures, more video, more background on a particular actor," said Shawn Elmi a AT&T U-verse representative.

What was once a one-way communication 10 to 15 years ago is now much more than that.

"These days you're able to get into the program and get into the game, get into the movie, and get involved," Elmi said.

To top it all, the app also features a wide collection of popular shows users can watch on demand.To learn more about DJ Skee and his projects click here.

To check out U-verse on your mobile device, click here.

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