Woman Denied Protection Order Against Husband with Criminal Past

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City mom says she fears for her life after an order of protection was denied. It's typically known as a restraining order.

They're usually not hard to get, but one woman says she's been denied twice in three days and she can't understand why.

Shanell Pelton says it was easy for her husband to get a bogus order of protection against her to keep her away from the kids. Now that she has the kids, she says she can't get a protection order from him despite his criminal past and recent phone threats.

Pelton says she fled her abusive husband in Oklahoma. On Saturday, she went back just long enough to get her kids and that's when she says the phone messages began.  When she went to a Clay County judge for an order of protection her petition was denied.

She wonders why her husband was able to obtain an order against her so easily in Oklahoma in January when he learned she was coming back for the kids.

"He just went down to the courthouse, put a whole bunch of lies on it, and he was granted the protection order," Pelton said. "I was served within 24 hours. As soon as it was lifted, I went and got the kids back and drove down to Oklahoma. I went to his parents house and picked up the kids."

She says it took seven police officers to get the kids out of their grandparent's home. When Pelton filed for her order of protection she told a judge that there's an immediate and present danger of abuse or stalking. However, a phone threat may satisfy one judge but not another.

"I've been in the hospital 10 or more times because of him beating me," she said.

Nathan Pelton has two outstanding warrants in Oklahoma. One is for domestic violence and another is for dealing drugs near a school. Shanell Pelton says under Oklahoma law, she has to let Nathan Pelton know where his kids are staying or she could be charged with parental kidnapping.

FOX 4 called and emailed judge David Chamberlain Clay County on Monday. He did not respond. FOX 4 was told he was in a trial all day.

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