Parkville Police Discourage Sales of K2

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PARKVILLE, Mo. -- The city of Parkville is a quaint and relatively small community. But it's not immune to problems like synthetic drugs.

Parkville Police Chief Kevin Chrisman is showing off a few of the synthetic drugs his officers and members of a task force picked up in their town.

"We are here to combat this issue and that will not be tolerated in this community," said Chief Chrisman.

Chief Chrisman was getting ready to start an investigation into the convenience stores selling the synthetic drugs. Then a burglary at one of them ramped up his efforts. The primary thing stolen from the Fast Stop was synthetic drugs.

"That tells me my problem has grown and that I want to put a halt to it," Chrisman said.

Sales of synthetic drugs are scary for several reasons. One is that no one buying the drug knows exactly what it's made of and what chemicals are used. Regardless of how it's packaged or what it's called, synthetic drugs are illegal. Chief Chrisman wants parents and teachers to keep an eye out.

"When they see these products and packaging, they inquire with their children where they are getting it and be aware that it is something and call their local authorities," Chrisman said. "Find out where it's coming from so we can do what we are doing here today."

Police did a spot check of a third convenient store, the Please Stop off of 9 Highway. They don't stock or sell the synthetic drugs which made the police chief happy. He plans on stopping by and thanking the owner in person.

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