Wall Of Rain Heading This Way

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6AM Sunday Update+++++ As promised here comes the rain, temperatures have been steady or have actually come up overnight, however as the rain falls and evaporates initially, the temperatures will actually fall during part of the AM. Probably down to near 45° before leveling off and then slowly climb this afternoon. The latest short term modelling would suggest more showery type weather towards and after lunch. Rainfall amounts are still expected to be in the .25-.75″ range. there may be some heavier totals off towards the SE of the KC area…namely down towards Clinton, Sedalia and the Lake of the Ozarks. I’ll have another update this afternoon. One thing may need updating on the forecast this evening and that would be the morning lows that I have right now. Pretty good indications that we’re going to have true Gulf air in these parts so the week may be more humid than what I’m indicating. That would keep the lows @ night even warmer than I have. Something that I’ll address later today.


A lot going on on this Saturday night as it’s been a busy day for me. Usually I get the weekend blogs done by 3PM at the latest, usually even earlier than that. This month though is going to be busy for me on Saturday’s with various work obligations. Today as soon as the morning show was done, I zipped over to Lawrence to participate and/or watch various presentations concerning severe weather. There were some interesting speakers there including Steve Runnels the Warning Coordination Meteorologist in Springfield, MO and Dr Harold Brooks a research meteorologist with the NSSL or the National Severe Storms Laboratory.

Here are a couple of pictures from the seminar.

That’s Steve talking about the radar presentation on the Joplin Tornado and some of the difficulty the office faced trying to figure out what was going on.

A radar snapshot of the storm approaching Joplin. What was reiterated to all the attendees was how quickly this went from something relatively small to monster levels in about 2 minutes. Steve showed some amazing video of the storms formation and it was astounding to see this thing become a monster so quickly.

Finally here is a picture of Dr Brooks, with a slide that talks about the steps that people take when they hear about severe weather heading their way. One of the points about that slide is how we as communicators need to get the general public to speed through the steps faster so they take the proper precautions.

Then it was back to work, slam some graphics together and get the 5PM show on the air.

Now it’s time to start the weather blog. I thought I would with more information about the amazing tornado outbreak from about 10 days ago. There was a new video that came out this morning that shows various cameras witnessing the tornado as it approaches a subdivision. It’s pretty crazy stuff and the video runs about 10 minutes. Trust me, you’ll want to look at it if this stuff fascinates you.

Meanwhile on the quiet weather Islands of HI, it’s been crazy wet there with rainfall amounts in one week that exceed and then some our yearly rainfall totals. Our average yearly precipitation is about 39″. In Hanalei, which is just south of Princeville on the Island of Kauai, they had 49+” of rainfall…THIS WEEK! Also there was an EF(0) tornado yesterday, they average 1/year and more surprisingly there was monster hail on the Islands as well…upwards of 3″ hail was reported which is VERY unusual for the tropics. This is because typically the freezing level of the atmosphere is too high and whatever hail may form aloft melts on the way down to the ground. When there is a cold pocket of air aloft though, this equalizes things a bit more, the freezing level comes down and the convection just blossoms! here is some video from Oahu.

Some of the hail was upwards of 3″, which may be a record for the state! Here is more information about the stormy weather that has now ended.

Meanwhile our local weather was wonderful today and will be for most of next week. The issue is tomorrow and things are progressing according to plan. A lot of rain has been falling down in Central/Northern TX today and has now moved up into OK. Here is a look at regional radar.

The rain will probably come is a few waves, one initially in the AM, perhaps then a break for a bit then another wave in the PM, timing all this out is impossible and the morning rain will initially be fighting some very dry air, that will take a bit to be overcome. Regardless there is some upside potential to my .25-.75″ rainfall forecast for the event, especially in the PM hours tomorrow if we can get some rumbles of thunder.

From Monday on however, it’s fabulous as highs will zoom into the lower 70s on Monday and potentially int he 75-80 range on TUE/WED. There may be some extra clouds moving through since the gulf moisture will certainly be present and that would be the thing that could knock some potential off a very warm week heading towards the Plains states. The modelling is suggestive of a strong storm that will move into the Plains towards the 19-22nd of the month. That will need to be watched for the potential of severe weather. Obviously we’ll deal with that next weekend!

Have a great Sunday!


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