Spring Doesn’t Start Till Tuesday

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Mother Nature has apparently forgotten that. It really isn’t that unusual for us to have a really warm day in the month of March…but this is a bit on the wild side. As mentioned yesterday there is a 2% chance that we see an 80°+ day occurring in March and we’ve done it now two straight days and today will try to be the third depending on the cloud cover situation. Yesterday we ended up tying our record for the date and today we may do the same or break it since the record is 82° set back in 1914. Tomorrow, perhaps, looks more promising as the record high is 79° set in 1945. The record streak of 80° days is 8 set back in 1910. I don’;t think we’ll get to that point because if increasing rain chances early next week.

The radar this AM looks more like a summertime radar, random small upper waves creating scattered convection through the OH/TN Valley area. It really is pretty strange. It looks like, per the satellite pictures that there might be some scattered showers trying to form this AM towards the SE of KC near the Lakes region.

Spring, by thee way, doesn’t start till very early Tuesday AM…12:14 to be more precise on the 20th. Yet it’s been spring across most of the country for the last few days, or few weeks, or one could argue almost the last few months as the “Winter That Isn’t” fades away. Take a look at how much of the Midwest is crazy mild for mid March…here is a look at the departure from average for the 7 day period ending on the 14th…

There are 15-20° departure from averages happening up across the SE part of SD.

Here in KC our monthly temperature, through yesterday, is running 9.2° above average and that number may go up even higher over the next 5 days since temperatures will be running some 20-25° above average through the early part of next week. Yesterday the all-time warmest temperatures were set in Madison, WI, and Milwaukee. Traverse City, MI hit 80° the earliest in their history. There were 75 record highs tied or broken yesterday @ long-time established weather stations across the country. Here is a map of most of them.

Included in that is KC which tied their record high of 82° (officially) Downtown which broke the record high,St Joe and Topeka broke their records as well. When you expand the data base and take into account the stations that have a period of record of at least 30 years, then you get some 400(!) record highs tied or broken yesterday. This is data from the NCDC.

We’re still watching for some rain on Saturday, the timing is still tough to figure on it…and early next week looks very promising from later Monday through Tuesday. Next week will be a cooler week compared to this week, but then again we may not have a week like this week again in our lifetime, at least during the month of March!

Have a great day and enjoy all this warm weather.


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