Angry Man Pulls Gun on Reporter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

JOINER, Ark -- Reporters have a job that can sometimes be dangerous. April Thompson can attest to that. Someone pulled a gun on her Wednesday night.

WREG in Memphis reports that Thompson visited the home of the late Wilton Goudeaux II, who died while in the care of a woman named Mary Odom -- she's currently in jail accused of neglect. WREG reporter April Thompson was looking for answers regarding the man's death. Soon after Thompson arrived at the home, a speeding truck screeched to a stop and an angry man jumped out.

Thompson's photographer, Ben Short, was rolling.

The man, later identified as Brandon Odom, demanded Thompson and Short leave the area. Instead of leaving, they explained they were looking into Goudeaux's death. That's when Odom became violent and hit the camera. He then walked back to his truck and pulled out a handgun.

Thompson and Short retreated back to their vehicle and Odom sped away. Thompson and Short reported the incident to the Mississippi County Arkansas Sheriff's Department. Several officers responded to the scene and looked at the footage Short captured on his camera.

"What I viewed on your camera is aggravated assault, a Class D Felony,” said Captain Larry Robinson with the Mississippi County Arkansas Sheriff's Department.

WREG reports they will file charges.

The entire incident stems from a convoluted case involving the circumstances that may have led to the Goudeaux 's death. For more details about this story, click here. WREG reports they will continue to follow the case.

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