Funny Weather Letter & More

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Good morning…well I thought yesterday was my Friday, but in reality it wasn’t. KR had “flight delays” last night so she got back into town a little to late to be coherent @ 4:30 in the Am so here I am again. She’ll be rejoining us for the 9AM/Noon show though and will be back in the saddle tomorrow AM for you. So hopefully today is my Friday again, but since I’m working on Saturday and Sunday, I’m not sure what today is anymore.

In reality I was going to be working anyway as once again I’ll be heading to Union Station and judging the big Science Fair that is in progress down there. Every year I judge the meteorological exhibits and while usually there aren’t that many it’s always amazing to see how smart the kids are, and when I remember some of the really lame science projects that I did, it’s really pretty sad. Anyway it’s always a fun thing to day then I pass out a couple of Certificates of Achievement from the AMS. I’ll try and post some pictures of the winning exhibits tomorrow or Saturday.

From a weather standpoint, please read yesterday’s blog as my talk of convection chances and hail chances are still valid and a concern for later this afternoon.

The sunshine that we get to enjoy this AM will be replaced quickly in the afternoon by some cloud cover. depending on how vertical those clouds get, the chances of hail from any storms that develop will be on the increase. again as I mentioned last weekend, the freezing level will continue to come down today to about 7K feet. So essentially any clouds that can penetrate that altitude will go into air that is below freezing. The raindrops that form will freeze and assuming they come down fast enough, or are suspended in the clouds long enough so that when they fall they don’t melt all the way, the recipe is there for hail to make it to the ground. It seems the highest chance of this happening is from the KC area southwards. N MO and NE MO may not get unstable enough during peak heating late today to allow convection to develop.

Tomorrow will be another day to watch as the ULL (upper level low) moves closer to the region and perhaps S and E of the KC area. There may be some weird “cold air funnels” that develop, mainly towards the Ozarks and Southern MO. This occurred yesterday in OK. These things are more of a curiosity than anything else and rarely touchdown. Here is more information about cold air funnels.

IF that ULL get’s closer to KC and IF we get enough sunshine to create additional storms on Friday, that could happen here. Right now I think the better chances are across Southern Missouri.

A couple of things before I leave you…you know I have some weather trivia for you…Buffalo, NY yesterday had their 5th record high in a row making it up to 82 degrees. That made it their earliest 80 degree day in their history. Same thing for Marquette, MI with a high of 82. Finally Denver, CO has had the least snowiest March (so far) in their history. They actually had a decent winter season for snowfall but Mother Nature has turned off the snowflakes for them ever since. By the way, March is the snowiest month for the Denver area in terms of averages. Typically you get some powerful Plains storms that they can get to be on the cold side of, hence the higher snow numbers for the month…on average of course.

Finally this AM, in the course of my career, I’ve visited countless schools and talked to hundreds of thousands of students in my almost 30 years of doing this. Every so often I get very sweet thank you notes from the students with pictures and words. Usually they’re very cute! Well I’ve never gotten one like this I don’t think. Albert Ramon is a meteorologist with KVUE-TV in Austin, TX. I guess he was talking to some 4th graders one day and got this thank you note in return. Click on it to read it easier…it’s hilarious!

Out of the mouths of kids…you got to laugh and wonder if Flint has a future writing some cool science fiction stuff or something!

Have a great day!


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