Cats Taken from Woman’s Home a Second Time

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  A Northland home gets another visit from animal control Tuesday and neighbors are hoping it's the beginning of the end of a smelly nuisance.
The city's Animal Health and Public Safety crew executed the search warrant at the home off N. Bales Avenue.

Neighbors have been complaining to the city for months about the smell they have to put up with, and how they imagine the animals are living.

"I feel so sorry for those poor animals, no animals should have to endure that," said Tammy Linan, a neighbor.

What's more, they say they've had to endure the consequences of all the filth.

"The cockroaches are so bad, I can put a handful of dog food out in the street and before you know it, you'll see hundreds of cockroaches all over that dog food, " said Marzella Blackmon, a neighbor.

Crews wore white suits and face masks before entering the home with a search warrant.  The home owner, Derlores Metcalf, was no where to be found, even though crews believe she has violated city orders not to occupy the house.

Crews did find 10 adult cats, five kittens.  They also found one dead kitten inside the freezer.  Those alive were taken to an animal shelter to be assessed by a veterinarian.  Brooke Woodard with animal control said the cats seemed to be in fair condition at first glance.

"Some of them are missing some hair, there are lacerations, one of them is nursing some newborn kittens, but the overall health seems to be fair," said Woodard.

It's not the first time animal control has come to this home. Crews said they came last August.   Then, they say they spent 12 hours getting  more than 150 animals out, most of them cats.  In Tuesday's search, they spent a little more than two hours.  But, this is the third time Metcalf has run into this kind of trouble in city limits.  She has had one other run-in Liberty.

Neighbors hope the city can do more this time around.

"I think it's great that animal control is out here doing their job. The thing is, is to keep her from doing it again," said Blackmon.

The city prosecutor's office spokesperson said Metcalf faces fines of up to $500 each for both failing to license her animals and harboring more than four cats. Metcalf could also face up to six months in jail on each count.   The spokesperson said Metcalf is getting closer to some jail time, but it still all depends on the judge.  He said Metcalf is still not allowed to live at that home.  She can only stop by to clean the property.

The cats and kittens were taken into a local animal shelter and will be held there indefinitely, until the city figures out what's next for Metcalf.

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