Hitler Artwork has KCK Connection

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Kansas City, Kan. -- Some unusual artwork is for sale on an auction website based out of KCK. Manion's International Auction House normally focuses on military collectibles, but this artwork has a surprising connection to military history because the artist is Adolf Hitler.

A lot is known about Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi Party in World War II. But how much do you know about Adolf Hitler the artist? Turns out Hitler was sort of "kicked out" of art school, that is, he didn't meet the requirements and wasn't allowed to attend any longer. (Just think about how much that altered the course of history!)

About 15 previously undiscovered Hitler paintings were recently discovered in Europe and it made international news. So Manion's Auction House wanted to take advantage of the renewed interest in Hitler's art. They contacted some collectors and now they have five of Hitler's pieces for sale. Two are oil still lifes and then there's one watercolor street scene of the Vienna Opera House. Those have certificates of authenticity by Peter Hahn, who the Nazi Party commissioned in the 1930s to collect Hitler's art. The auction also includes two watercolor postcards, just the kind of thing a starving artist would sell to make some cash. Soldiers brought them from Germany to the U.S. after the war, so this is the first time they have been seen by the public.

Manion's president says this is the kind of thing most auction houses wouldn't touch, but it's their specialty.

"To us it's all just history," Jody Tucker says. "We don't condone or support or approve of that part of history but it is what it is. It's history and we're trying to make sure it ends up in someone's hands who will take care of it and preserve it."

The oil paintings and watercolor are selling right now for five to$10, 000, and the bidding is expected to get as high as $50,000. The postcards are currently going for around a thousand dollars, but could go for as much as $5,000. The auction ends April 20th. Click here to go to the Manion's International Auction House site.

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