A Blustery Spring Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

This blog will be short and sweet I think today as there really isn’t a lot to talk about locally. For interests back east, see yesterday’s weather blog for information about the unusual late April snowstorm that is in the makings for that part of the country.

Locally the big story is the cooler weather that has moved in with a pretty nasty north wind blowing at 15-25 MPH. That wind combined with temperatures struggling to get to 60° today means that conditions will be somewhat chilly for all the outdoor venues. We should have a mix of clouds and sunshine. Here is the AM visible satellite photo showing the clouds…most of the cloud cover is moving from the north to the south.

Click on that image to make it larger.

The other issue is the potential for more patchy frost tomorrow AM. That is a possibility and will be tied to whether or not the winds droop off. They certainly will be lightening up overnight tonight, but aloft the winds will still be in the 10-20 MPH range. Should we “decouple” meaning the winds at the surface drop to 5 MPH or less while the stronger winds stay blowing aloft, then we could see more frost in areas. Even if the winds don’t totally drop off, low lying areas that get protected from the wind would potentially have issues as well. So the bottom line is more wind=little to no frost…less wind=potential for more frost. I’ll be watching that for the news updates this evening.

The other story is the big warm-up heading this way mainly for TUE/WED. Take a look at the temperatures aloft @ 5K feet off the GFS.

Notice the RED colors expanding through the Plains states…that spells 80-85° days heading this way, with some upside potential on WED depending on when the cooler air, represented by the bluer shades up across the upper Midwest descends into the area.

The end of the week will be cooler for sure. The rain threat increases heading towards next weekend. Could be a severe weather threat as well, especially across the southern/western Plains states into next weekend.

Have a great Sunday.


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