1st “Snowtober”- Now “Snowpril”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Yesterday the Weather Channel sent out a tweet asking for names for the big storm that was brewing back east. I submitted “Snowpril”. Not sure if they’re using it (I’m sure I wasn’t alone with that submission) but it’s what I’m going with. Of course this is an effort to name every storm something now, seems silly but at least it got me thinking of something catchy early in the AM on Sunday. “Snowtober”, of course refers tot he powerful late October snows that affecting the New England area especially with devastating results.

Meanwhile, whatever you want to call it, it’s really coming down in some areas inland back east. This is a storm that gave the big metro areas nothing but much needed rainfall, but for the higher elevations of NY and PA, down through the western mountains of VA and parts of WV, this is a thumper of heavy wet snow . Already some 43K+ customers are without power in the higher elevations out there, and it won’t be getting better soon for them. Reports are showing close to a foot of snow on the ground for some areas  Laurel Summit, PA has 12″, Newfield, NY also has 10″.

Here is a look at the storm, the heaviest rain part has shifted way to the north, and a dry slot has overtaken the big cities back east.

The green colored area is the deformation zone of the storm, or the wrap around part of the commahead. It’s a slow mover and as the atmosphere in that part of the storm cools down, more heavy wet snow will fall in that area. pretty interesting for late April for sure.

Meanwhile, the western part of the country is getting toasty. Yesterday Phoenix (105°), Las Vegas (99°) and death Valley, CA (113°) all tied records for their hottest April days ever. This heat will be flopping over into the middle part of the country and we’ll see highs surge tomorrow through WED, before a weak front slides into the area on THU before a more substantial cooldown heads this way during the weekend.

Here is a look again at the 5K foot temperatures off the GFS model.

You can clearly see the darker REDS pushing into the area, then backing down as the flow turns from a downsloping westerly component to a northwest component. I wouldn’t be shocked IF we can make a run towards 90° in there somewhere. It seems to me that we are primed to do so assuming there are no clouds and we get enough wind. Records for KC are 90/91° for TUE/WED. WED might be the day we really give a record high a run for it’s money.

Speaking of warmth…did you know that IF the month ended yesterday, March would go down as a warmer month than April. That’s pretty strange, but it’s no secret that April hasn’t been super warm for these parts, after such a hot start to the month. In March our average was 58.4° (warmest March ever)…so far for April, with a week to go we’re sitting at 57.8° for an average temperature.

That’s it for today, I’ll be working for MT tonight, so I’ll see you on the evening newscasts!


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