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Fans Frustrated with Royals’ Losing Streak

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Kansas City, Mo. -- It doesn't matter what blog you read or what sports radio station you listen to, the frustration is evident. Fans are tired of the Kansas City Royals losing and with the streak at ten, it's a tough spot for people in the Royals front office.

"You reach a point after four or five losses where you just say, we're going to keep our heads up until this ends." said Toby Cook, a Royals spokesperson.

Cook and the rest of the Royals marketing team are hearing the criticism. The slogan: '"Our Time" isn't going over well.

"Our Time,  in our minds mostly was the All-Star game, the All-Star summer and the fact that it's coming it's getting closer and closer to us being a competitor," Cook said.

No one want to compete more than the guys on the field. Jeff Francoeur and Billy Butler are veteran leaders of this team and they know how fans feel. Francoeur admits he hears the boos.

"It's been awesome to hear boos out there some, because actually the fan base cares," Francoeur said.

It's a surprisingly honest statement, almost as surprising as what Butler said.

"If the fans are positive, I don't know what they are positive about , we haven't had a lot of things go our way," said Butler.

Normally,  you don't get that kind of raw honesty, especially during a losing streak. Even though losing stinks, Francoeur put a positive spin on the early season slump.

"It's something I think we are going to be better for in the long run, but at the same time we got to start winning ball games and hopefully it starts tonight," Francoeur said.

If Royals lose on Monday night they will go on the road with an 0-10 record. The start another home stand in May.

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