Red to the Rescue: Dog Saves Elderly Neighbor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GARNETT, Kan. - It takes a lot to get 12 year-old Red out of the sleeping position these days, but as a younger pup, Red wasn't living the life of leisure.

"I have never seen a dog so skinny that was still alive.  I mean it was terrible," said Kevin PeKarek, Red's "Dad."

PeKarek accidentally caught Red in a trap.  After finding out he could hunt, PeKarek claimed and named the dog.

"Well he's red, let's call him Red," Kevin said.

Now Red is family.

"He's my hunting buddy, and he's my buddy, and if I want to go someplace, he's with me," Kevin said.

Red's not a puppy anymore, so Diana PeKarek was alarmed when he started causing a ruckus on Tuesday as she was taking a nap, he barked once, then walked away, then he came back.

"This time it was just a little more aggressive, it wasn't just one woof but two or three and he does this little happy dance when he really wants something and I thought well, ok, he must really need to go outside," Diana said.

Diana let Red out, and he darted across the yard.

"Surprised me because with his arthritic body, it's just, he really moved, and I hollered at him to stop because I wasn't about to chase him down.  He did his little, you know, like 'come on,' little dance.  He made me come to him,"  Diana said.

That's when Diana realized why Red was being so persistent.

"I heard help me," she explained.

Diana, a nurse, realized her elderly neighbor, Joan, fell in the shed and broke her hip.

"Why those words, what made him respond like that?  I just wonder if he doesn't have an instinct to that.  The words, the sound, the pitch of the voice."

Whatever it was, Red's quick, heroic actions rescued Joan from her pain, and whether he knows it or not, Red's now got a steak with his name on it.  Joan is doing fine now.  She had surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.  She does have a big juicy steak she's planning to give Red for his help.

As for Red, this isn't his first rescue, he's been known to come to the aid of his owners and even other animals pretty regularly.

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