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The Screening Room for Friday, May 18!  FOX 4 Film Critics Russ Simmons and Shawn Edwards discuss "Battleship," "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and "The Dictator."


"Battleship" has more in common with "Transformers" than the board game that inspired the movie.

Some genius at the Hasbro toy company saw the dough that their “Transformers” franchise was raking in and decided to transform their classic board game “Battleship” into a sci-fi alien invasion flick. The resulting extravaganza is big, loud and very, very dumb

It's fun. It's stupid. It's entertaining. But it's mostly loud but very good-looking. And worth a watch.

Director Peter Berg wants to be Michael Bay in the worst way...and mostly succeeds. The script is so bad and the line delivery so stilted, that even the cool visuals can’t save it. It’s the unintentional laughs that sink this “Battleship.”

2 Popcorn Bags

3 Popcorn Bags


What to Expect When You're Expecting is the worst movie I've seen in years. It's a thoroughly degrading unfunny comedy that degrades women, the beauty of pregnancy and importance of fatherhood.RUSS

An attractive and likable cast can’t make up for the sitcom silliness that dominates the ensemble comedy, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” If you saw “New Year’s Eve,” just picture the women pregnant, and you’ll know what you’re in for.

Yes, the movie features an all-star cast but not one person adds any life. None the couples have any chemistry. And everyone is completely negative. The tone is so awful it's to the point if being offensive. The execution is so bad you have to wonder if any professionals were involved.RUSS

To enjoy “What to Expect When You're Expecting,” you have to go in with low expectations

There's forced sentiment by the end but it means very little. Some one please pass the Pepto.

2 Popcorn Bags

0 Popcorn Bags

On the surface "The Dictator" may seem like just another Sacha Baron Cohen movie. But it isn't. The gifted comedian has ditched his man on the street approach and gone scripted in this brilliant satire that will bit sting and satisfy you.


Sasha Baron Cohen of “Borat” fame offers his first scripted comedy, “The Dictator,” and the results are a mixed bag. Baron Cohen plays a bigoted and idiotic North African tyrant who fends off the efforts to bring democracy to his country. The outrageous R-rated movie gets in some very sharp sociological commentary, but the funny moments are sporadic and the movie’s overall mean spirit is a bit off-putting.

Russ: 3 Popcorn Bags

Shawn: 4 Popcorn Bags
Also in theaters this week:

-MARLEY (PG-13): Bob Marley, the father of reggae, is profiled in this involving and comprehensive (2 hour and 22 minute) documentary. While the filmmakers rely on the usual elements like talking heads, home movies, interviews and concert footage, the assemblage provides a fitting tribute to a pop music icon.

Russ: 4 Popcorn Bags

-HIT SO HARD: THE LIFE AND NEAR DEATH OF PATTY SCHEMEL (Unrated): This warts-and-all documentary focuses on the hard rocking drummer from the alt-rock band, Hole.

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