Death Threat Left on Tombstone in Blind Man’s Yard

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A blind man is trying to figure out why someone would leave a tombstone in his yard. Doug Macivor lives a good life. But, it seems like someone
wants to put an end to that.

"Never had anything like this occur before in my life," said Yuba City resident Doug Macivor.

He got an upsetting call from his neighbor letting him know that a baby's tombstone had been left in his yard.

He says, 'I know Doug because you're blind you didn't see it, but we found it out in your front yard,'' Macivor says of the call he received from his neighbor.

Investigators are trying to figure out who left an actual gravestone in Macivor's yard with his full name written on it  in marker.

"Somebody is pretty screwed up that would think that this is a great joke or is some way to send a message," he said.

Macivor says he isn't sure who or why anyone would want to send him a death threat.

"I have no enemies that I'm aware of, but apparently someone really doesn't like me," he said.

The Sutter County Sheriff's Department says they're taking the incident seriously. They have no idea where the headstone was taken from. What officials do know is that the headstone belongs to a baby who died the day he was born. It showed up almost 57 years to the day the infant died.

"I really hope they find the individual that had the audacity to go and desecrate some little child's grave," he said.

Macivor says he won't let the death threat stop him from living his normal life.

"If I were to crawl up in a ball and say I'm not going to do anything, I'd let lousy person win, that's not going to happen with me," he said.

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