Boy’s Love for Basketball Team Gets Him Suspended

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. -- A middle school student was suspended when school officials felt he took his team spirit too far. Patrick Gonzalez is a San Antonio Spurs fan.

In an effort to show his Spurs pride, Gonzalez had a picture of Matt Bonner cut into his hair.

"He's my favorite player, one of my favorite players, Gonzalez said.

His mother supported his decision to get the haircut.

"We're in the playoffs, you know," said Patrick's mom, Rose Gonzalez. "He was feeling good until now. He was totally embarrassed."

She says she doesn't understand why her son was suspended from Woodlake Hills Middle School because she asked about the haircut first.

"Cause I didn't want any kind of problems with any of the principals," she said. "I know there is rules and regulations just like anywhere else you go."

School leaders say Patrick's mom mentioned the haircut, but they never gave the okay.

"There was no permission that was given," said school official Aubrey Chancellor School Official.  "If the parent thought that, then it was a miscommunication."

School administrators feel the haircut is a distraction.

The boy says he plans to shave the design off but he's not too happy about having to do that.

"I'm kind of mad, cuz I think they already knew I was going to get it," he said.

His mom said if they ever did it again, they would take a different approach.

"Get a written letter or something from the school, no matter what," Patrick's mom said.

This situation will not change her son's love for the Spurs. He says he'll just have to find a different way to show his pride. After hearing about the story, Matt Bonner invited Patrick and his family to attend the team's game against the Clippers.

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