Eclipse Info-Tornado Anniversary-Heat Dome

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Well the day is here, and let’s see IF Mother Nature will cooperate and clear the skies out. Right now we’ve got high clouds streaming overhead, but those look like they’ll peel away from the region later this afternoon. we also have lower clouds generated by the sun’s heat that are with us and developing and/or building in from the north. These clouds will thin with the loss of daytime heating this evening and really are the only concern for tonight’s viewing, but I’m optimistic that at least they should be breaking up nicely towards sunset. So the bottom line is I think Mother Nature WILL cooperate and help the heavens above put on a good show. Again remember this will all occur as the sun is setting and go from about 7:15 through sunset…this a SOLAR eclipse so you should NEVER stare directly at the sunshine. Here are some safety thoughts.

+++++9PM Update with eclipse pics+++++

8:13 PM…

8:14 PM…

8:29 PM

Here are the time lapses from our tower camera…two vantages, one is a bit wider then the other is super close right as the sun was setting!


This week, we'll mark the anniversary of the Joplin Tornado which struck on the 22nd. A lot of news resources will be in the Joplin area talking about how the recovery is coming or not coming depending on the angle of the story. Look for continuing coverage on the newscast and on the weather blog as the week moves along.

Today though is another BIG weather anniversary for the KC area. Today marks the date of the Ruskin Heights F5 tornado that hit SW of the metro and stayed on the ground through the south side of the KC area back in 1957, some 55 years ago! Here is more information.

It was an impressive tornado in a time where the warning system was rather archaic. TV stations and radio were continuously on the air throughout the storm. here is a look at the path toe tornado took.

Here is some additional information from the NWS in Pleasant Hill.

Yesterday was an unexpected decent tornado day across far southern KS near the Wichita area. When I looked at the data the temperature/dewpoint spreads were very large, close to 30° which is NOT conducive to tornado formation. Mother Nature though had other thoughts and compensated. Here is some amazing video from some storm chasers. Note the language is a bit salty I think.

Now onto our daily weather as really the only issue is whether or not the heat some builds in starting on WED or whether the GFS is more correct and it get's knocked down for a day or two and then builds in for a few days by the holiday weekend.

The GFS brings a front into the area later in the week before the front falls apart and/or retreat towards the N of the region placing us int he summer heat. The latest EURO brings the front to NW MO and then retreats the front to the north. My feeling at this point is that the EURO is more correct, this is based on 2 things...1) it seems like we're 2 months ahead on the weather and two the wave looks awfully weak and won't have any convection with it to drive the front through region because of some major capping issues. What can help our cause and give us a day or two delay in the heat? IF by chance (it's certainly happened before) some weird gravity wave gets generated and moves towards our area, creating clouds and enough of a weakened cap to allow storms to form. My feeling is that the day the forecast is the most questionable is Friday. Right now I will keep the forecast the same and we'll just deal with the particulars as the week goes along. IF the EURO is more correct the heat will break on Tuesday the 29th.


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