Crime Fighting Organization Receives Threats

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A group dedicated to fighting crime has become a victim of a crime. The group is the Stop the Killing KC Coalition. They recently received a threatening phone call and now, someone shot up a car and a house where the group is located.

The organization has recently been in the news seeking justice for a murdered woman whose body was found near 19th & Brooklyn. Members say their call to action has made them a target.

Members of the organization are working to get tips and information in the case of Andrea Shields. They believe the shooter wants to the organization to back off. Seven shots were fired into a car and into the office of the Stop the Killing KC Coalition near 30th & Askew. They believe the acts were a warning sign to get the organization to stop doing their work according to its members.

While Kansas City Police investigate the crime, volunteers are reflecting about a call made to the organization's hotline Friday morning urging the group to move off the murder case.

"The caller was just real plain and called anonymous and said 'we need to back off the case of the young lady that was burned," said Bishop Tony Caldwell with the Stop the Killing KC Coalition.

Bishop Caldwell says the anonymous caller was referring to the murder of 38-year-old Andrea Shields. The gruesome nature of this crime has sparked a prayer vigil and several organizations to pass out flyers seeking information to get the killer off the street.

"When the heat is on it's just like a pipe when it's under pressure it will bust and this person or people who are involved with this they are feeling the pressure," said the victim's uncle Calvin Wainwright.

Pastor Calvin Wainwright is a volunteer with the Stop the Killing KC Coalition. This murder is close to his heart because the victim was his niece. News of the shooting moved the Kansas City Police Daryl Forte to stop by the crime scene. Forte says the drive by shooting is being investigated as a property crime but they're also looking into conflicts within the group. Forte says members have dis-associated themselves with the organization and investigators aren't sure if the internal dispute is behind the Saturday morning shooting.

Bishop Caldwell says he doesn't believe the shooting stemmed from anyone involved within the organization. In fact, he says he took the anonymous call himself and viewed it as a threat. However, Caldwell says he didn't call police because the group receives threats all this time.

Andrea Shields was laid to rest on Saturday afternoon.

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