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Father’s Day: From the Heart of a Son to His Father’s

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - From grilling accessories to sleek ties, gift ideas for dad on Father's Day seem to go on and on.  But sometimes, the best presents can't be bought in a store.

Fox Four's Terra Hall is working for you with the story of a gift from the heart, from a son to his father.

For ideas on how to become a better parent on Father's Day and everyday, visit National Center for Fathering.

***Here is Peyton's essay in its entirety.***

What My Father Means to Me

From California to New Jersey, my dad shows more love for me than any other father loves their child. My dad always cares for me. He’ll make me toast or a baked potato when I’m sick in bed. When I get banged up, he’s always there to help me through the pain. When my basketball team loses, he’ll always point out the positives, NEVER the negatives.

My dad plays with me. He’ll shoot hoops or play catch with me. We’ll play board games like Sorry, Connect 4, or Battleship. We’ll wrestle for fun and occasionally someone will get hurt but for the most part it’s really fun. We call it “tackle wrestle.” We love playing “keep away” with a football, too. But, whenever he gets it, it’s really hard to get it back!

My dad helps me a lot. Before my baseball games, he’ll throw me pop-ups and grounders to get me warmed up. He’ll pass me basketballs to warm up my hands before my basketball games. He helps me with my Science or Social Studies before a test to get my memory refreshed. He also helps me build up my muscles by letting me run on the treadmill and letting me use some of his weights.

My dad is always caring, loving, thoughtful and most important . . . . .the best dad ever.

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