Dry Weather Could Affect Fireworks

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KEARNEY, Mo. - Tuesday afternoon, Montana Miller and his cousin are making sure all firework favorites are stocked in their tent for opening day on Wednesday.

"The most popular that we have is actually right over here, it's called 'One Bad Mother,'" Miller said.

This family-run business focuses on safety, and this year, that means being aware of dry ground.

While the lack of rain is no good for plants, it's also no good for sparks.  There's been one significant rainfall in June, and FOX 4's meteorologists say, that could be the last one for awhile.  The upcoming trend looks bone dry.

This only mildly concerns Judd Ward.

"We work really good with the local fire prevention teams when we have to deal with dry weather," Ward explained.  "Typically everything goes as planned."

Judd works for J&M, a fireworks display company that handles big shows like the one on the Fourth of July for Jackson County.  His policy is to wait to make a judgement call.

"You just don't know what's going to happen until the day of," he said.

If it's too dry, windy, or rainy, the show won't go on, so Ward has a modest request for this year's weather.

"We want- absolutely- we want lots of rain until July 2nd.  Then it can stop, and don't start up again until July 5th, please," he begged.

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