Chiffon Blouses — Perfect for the KC Heat!

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Just in case you haven’t taken a step outside today, it is hot in Kansas City! With that comes the need to dress accordingly at the office. No one wants to wear a blazer with a heat index of 100 degrees, so how do you dress professionally in this heat without compromising fashion?

If you’ve ever seen the show Fairly Legal, you would quickly know why lawyer-turned-mediator Kate Reed is my (fictional) fashion icon. Her style is so effortlessly chic, and it’s even a little bit bohemian. How does she pull it off? I don’t know, but I would love the number of her stylist.

Kate lives in California, but her fashion choices would work perfect for Missouri’s hot and humid weather, too.

My motto is if a fictional lawyer can wear it to her office, I can wear it to my office. Kate is all about sheer chiffon and silk blouses. Seriously, she wears at least one in every episode, and they are so fun and adorable. And what’s so great about them is that if you get cold in the office, you can put on a blazer and the top will still look awesome.

I’ve began to stock up my wardrobe with all things chiffon, because sheer blouses are ideal when it’s 95 degrees outside. Why wear a hot, long-sleeved, button-up shirt when you can wear a light, airy chiffon button-up blouse? They’re crisp, professional, and they go great with slacks or a pencil skirt.

You can pick up shirts that are similar to Kate’s at most stores, but here’s a few of my favorites:

Inkblot Button Up, Forever 21

Jason Wu for Target® Long-Sleeve Sheer Blouse in Blush Dots.Opens in a new window

Jason Wu for Target Long-Sleeve Sheer Blouse, Target.

Rieley Silk Chiffon Button-Up Blouse, Saks Fifth Avenue.

Written by Sarah Ewing, FOX 4 intern.

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