Thieves Target Guests at Kansas City Hotel

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's a hotel that figures to have a big role in guest accommodations for the All Star Game. But people staying at the Holiday Inn near the Truman Sports Complex are being repeatedly victimized.

More than 25 police reports in the past six months, all detailing items taken from cars and inside the Coco Key Water Park during all hours of the day and night. Now, the hotel is trying to educate their guests and says they are stepping up security.

Cell phones, GPS systems and iPods and other valuables are often left in plain sight.
People will break in and grab whatever they can see and then run off real quick.
Since January 1, 15 people have filed reports with the Kansas City Police Department detailing items taken from mostly locked cars.

One family traveled from Topeka to stay at the Water Resort and in the middle of the day their car window was busted out, the thieves taking a cell phone, purse, jewelry, and a birth certificate. That's why guest Louise Teater says she always thinks ahead.

"I locked up my garage door openers in the glove box, just in case somebody would break into my car they wouldn't be able to break into my house," Teater said before getting out of her car.

It's happening inside as well. More than ten incidents reported on hotel grounds including thieves targeting people who leave valuables on tables and under towels while they splash around in the water. It's something hotel guest Brian Peck says he hopes he never experiences.

"Its just about being cautious and thinking before you run off and do things," said Peck "And as long as you're careful your not a prime target of having things out just sitting on the dashboard saying here take me. Then your usually your okay.

Hotel management has posted signs at check-in advising people to hide GPS's and other valuables, hoping the quick reminder will make people think. Management says they also have security guards patrolling the parking lot throughout the night, something he says the other hotels in the area don't have.

FOX 4 checked police records for nearby hotels, The Clarion Hotel Sports Complex  and Drury Inn & Suites combined have had only eight incidents reported of things being stolen from guests cars  since January 1.

The lesson is no matter where you are, always hide your valuables or take them with you.

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