Getting Harder To Write A Blog :(

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I really don’t know what else to say that I haven’t said so many times over the past week or so. We’ve seen the scorching heat linger since June 27th. Heck even a few days before that it was still in the 90s. Then we had our 4 day run in the 100s, yesterday we topped off near 100° and today we should be only a few degrees “less hot”…hate to use the word cooler though to describe today’s weather.

One negative about today may be just barely, but certainly noticeable this AM, higher dewpoints. We’ve been “fortunate” in many ways as far as this heat wave goes, in that our dewpoints have been 60-65° so there hasn’t been a big upwards adjustment to the heat index numbers that certainly can get out of hand with highs around or above 100°. When you have dewpoints that “low”, from a heat standpoint it makes things just slightly more tolerable. It also allows overnight lows to drop off nicely, hence all the lower 70s we’ve experienced. Although downtown has had more of an issue dropping at night because of all the heat retaining structures/concrete etc. seems to be worth about 5-7° of a difference at night lately.

We’re also not under any sort of heat advisory/warning. That is because of the lower dewpoints keeping the heat index below 105°. That is not the case from the upper Midwest through the SE part of the country where advisories/warnings for the heat continue. I forget where it was but somebody in N FL I think had a heat index of 121° yesterday afternoon!

As far as the forecast goes, nothing has really changed. I’m hoping for at least some relief at some point during the All Star festivities. at this point odds favor either next Monday or Tuesday for some sort of weak front to move on through and drop us from the 100s that are coming back into the area. We may be able to drop into the 90-95° range sometime NEXT week. There also will likely be at least the chance of some rain for somebody. Could be some interesting timing with everything that’s planned, however it’s so far away that its pointless to worry about that at this point in time. It is something to file in the back of your mind though. Ahead of whatever change may get into the area, we should see another splash of 100-105° heat. It’ll be easier to get that hot because we are really baking out the ground now. Notice how the grasses are going dormant or have gone dormant. We’re getting browner and browner from a terrain standpoint and that’s how heatwaves/drought can sustain themselves even longer. That type of terrain heats up faster than a more lush terrain.

It could be worse I guess. Sadly there are some folks who have no air conditioning with this intense heat in our region. Now imagine not having any power whatsoever. That’s the case for a wide swath of the east. From Chicago to the eastern seaboard close to 1.8 million are still without power thanks to the wind storm on Friday. Many will be without power for at least another 3-7 days. The heat will be felt there as well this week before more substantial relief moves in over the weekend.

Here are some other tidbits for this heat that encompasses much of the country from the Rockies eastwards…

Charlotte, NC just experienced 3 consecutive days of 104°. This was the hottest 3 day period on record…

Concerning the fires in the Rockies…49 large fires now burning but High Park Fire near Fort Collins is 100% contained & Waldo Canyon Fire (Colorado springs) is 55% contained.

In Chicago…155,000 still without power following weekend storms as “unrelenting” heat wave settles in (from the Chicago Tribune)

Power outage breakdown from the Weather Channel…Washington DC: 233,000, Baltimore: 250,000, Virginia: 446,000, Ohio: 434,000, WV: 457,000, NJ: 101,000, IN: 54,000

In St Louis…Temperature is expected to reach 100 for the 5th straight day today highs at/above 100 expected thru Friday

The number of ALL Time record highs that have been tied or broken has been pretty amazing with this stretch of weather. Those are the type of records that impress me the most, assuming you have a long period of record (POR). Here are some new ones from yesterday…All-time record high temperatures were tied Sunday in Chattanooga, TN (107); Knoxville, TN (105) & Charlotte, NC (104).

Well that’s all I have for you today. I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures of waves that are here…we can all dream about the water I guess. Have a good Monday!


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