Woman Waits for Justice After Home Gets Wrecked with a Pick Axe

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- The workers from Window World tell FOX 4 they've never had a job like the one on Craig Avenue in Grandview - every window in the home of 49-year old Sylvia Breckenridge was shattered with a pick axe.

Breckenridge and police blame her former live-in tenant, 52-year old Michael Waller, for the damage.

Waller was arrested for destruction of property on March 21st after police found him inside the home wearing work gloves with a pick axe against the wall and holes in every wall, piece of furniture and appliance.

"You know the saying 'a pot to piss and a window to throw out of,' I had neither when I got home that night," Breckenridge told FOX 4. "I left that morning with it, came home without it."

Breckenridge says she kicked Waller out of the house the day before the pick axe incident because he hadn't paid rent in months.

Now more than three months since her house was destroyed, police still haven't forwarded the case to Jackson County Prosecutors to file felony charges against Waller.

"I have family members that are afraid to come here because this man is not in jail," said a frustrated Breckenridge.

Police tell FOX 4 they were trying to track down one more witness to interview before forwarding the case to prosecutors later this week. But while FOX 4 was interviewing Breckenridge, a Grandview detective called her to say the case could be sent to prosecutors by Tuesday.

FOX 4 spoke by phone with another woman who used to rent Waller and says her house was vandalized as well.  She suspects Waller but says police never arrested him in her case because he wasn't caught in the act.

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