More Details Emerge About Cop Charged with Stealing from Mom

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri police sergeant, Mark Stinson turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday on charges that he stole about $75,000 from his mother while she was in a nursing home.

But Stinson wasn't just a police officer, his powerful positions branched out to his religion and even a side business.

FOX 4 met Mark Stimson in 2007, when he was working part-time as a ghost hunter, checking out rumors that Union Station was haunted.  Stinson is a co-founder of "Ghost Vigil Investigations."

Stinson is also a heathen religion chieftain.  He practices a religion called Asatru and according to his website, he organized the Jotun's Bane Kindred tribe in Kansas City.  He's also written three books on the subject.

Perhaps how he's known best, most recently, was his role in the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.  He was assigned to the Capital Improvements Section, and involved in planning the East Patrol Office.

Cop Charged with Stealing from Elderly Mom

Tuesday, Stinson had a new notoriety: accused thief.

"We believe this was theft plain and simple," Platte County Prosecuting Attorney, Eric Zahnd, told reporters on Tuesday.

Stinson is charged with a Class D Felony on allegations that he used $75,000 of his mother's money to pay his own personal expenses.  As a result, it's alleged his mother was kicked out of her nursing home when her rent wasn't paid for five months.

"She still owes that nursing home and that pharmacy more than 20 thousand dollars," Zahnd said.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services started the investigation into Stinson.

Stinson is suspended without pay from the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

He's free on $10,000 bond.  If convicted, he could spend four years in prison. Stinson's lawyer had no comment.

Stinson's mother is living with another family member and said to be doing o.k.

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