What About All These 100s & Relief Is Coming!

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There I said it! Actually I’ve been saying it for the last 5 days or so, but the issue is twofold. It’s going to be awhile, which means more nasty heat and there are still questions and will be till Sunday, about whether or not we get rainfall on consequence out of this because IF we don’t get much, I think we dry out again from Tuesday (10th) onwards with nothing else really showing up.

Yesterday I sent out a bunch of tweets regarding the heat that we’ve endured so far. Today is our 6th day with highs 100°+ which matches ALL of last summer and we remember how brutal that was right.

Ariel, our summer intern…soon to be elevated to uberintern status in my eyes was crunching some numbers yesterday for the most 100° days in a year for Kansas City and here is what she came up with. Here are the Top 5. (graphic from Tuesday)

Look at 1936 again, part of the incredibly hot years of the 1930s. 53 days with highs 100° or above. Again today is 6 and we’ll get to 10 I think before things change early next week just in time for all the All Star festivities. Sunday, no doubt will be brutal out there but MON and TUE should be better. The last time we had 10 or more 100° days in a year was 2003. In 1988 we had 16 and in 1983 we had 18. In 1980 we had 17!

OK now I know what you’re thinking already…what was the following winter like after all those hot summers…here you go!

Winter of 1936-37 (53 x’s 100°+): 15.9″

1934-35 (46): 10.7″
1954-55 (30): 20.2″
1935-36 (22): 14.8″
1901-02 (21): 24.1″
1939-40 (19): 22.3″
1983-84 (18): 24.4″
1980-81 (17): 10.2″
1918-19 (17): 33.9″
1988-89 (16): 6.9″
1913-14 (15): 26.5″

Nothing really to be gleaned from all that aside that from the exception of 1988-89 all the other snow totals were pretty OK except for 34-35 and 80-81. Certainly all of them were more than this past winter!

Speaking of the All Star Game, the last time it was played in KC, back on 7/24/73 we also had cooler than average weather. That day it hit 81° after a low of 69°. Whats interesting is that in the 5 days previous to the 24th we had over 5″ of rainfall! it finally shut down just in time for the game and it was cool to boot.

Basically the forecast has us in 101-105° heat through Sunday. Clouds may cut Sunday a bit more but I want to wait before I jump onto that potential from 5 days away.


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