All-Star Price Comparisons

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  When an event like the All Star Game comes to a city, many of us expect to see prices go up.  FOX 4 has covered Final Fours and other events in other places where prices doubled and even tripled for hotels and the like.  So what are we seeing here in Kansas City?  You might be surprised to find out!

FOX 4 pulled prices back in March for hotels, motels, restaurants and attractions around Kansas City.  When we checked the same rates today, prices are up a little, but not much.

"I think that prices are very comparable to at home," said Tina Stiles, Minnesota.  "Anytime there's a big event going on you expect a little bit more, but yeah, it's been good."

Officials at the Kansas City Convention and Visitor's Association say that's "good" news for them.

"It's one of the great features that we have," said Rick Hughes said. "It's high value, it's midwestern, people taking care of people."

"Value" is a word that came up time and time again during our interviews.  Hotels, like The President downtown are booked solid.  Prices are up, but not drastically.  According to some its "supply and demand" with a point.

"I think it says a lot about the city," said The General Manager of the President Hotel, Philip Strand.  "It provides an excellent opportunity for these guests that are enjoying the city right now to feel like, 'Hey I've got a great value and I can come back in the future and get the same value, the same accommodations, the same hospitality."

FOX 4 found motels about $75 higher per night than they were four months ago, but no where near the double or triple prices we've seen in other cities.  Fans from St. Louis can't even believe it.

"Pricing has actually been great," said visitor  Danny Cartee.  "Parking last night was cheap.  We got in the game cheap. So far so good with everything."

Visitors can expect the same trend at restaurants where menu prices that we found are at the most five dollars more than back in March.

"Kansas City is a special market and the hospitality here is very genuine," Strand said.

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