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Young Baseball Fan Lives Out His Dream

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Th RBI Program will get funding from help from the All-Star Game. For the first time, there is an RBI team in Toronto, Canada.

The team got the chance to travel to Kansas City for the All-Star festivities. The trip was a first for most of the players. Many of them come from a modest background. One such player has traveled internationally before, but this time it was specifically for baseball.

"In Chad where I was born, baseball is unknown.  Soccer is the only popular sport," said RBI player Faris Adamou.

Adamou lives in Toronto, Canada now, but he spent many years in Chad where he was an avid soccer player.

"I discovered baseball when I came to Canada," he said.

When he moved to Canada, he used to watch kids play the foreign sport from his balcony.

"What's this sport?" he said. "I don't even know the name so I was confused."

Curious, he looked for every chance he could to learn about the sport which he found out was baseball. He also found a team to play with, the Toronto Bluejays.

Adamou won an essay contest through RBI called Breaking Barriers. That means he'll get to be on the field with his favorite player, Jose Bautista on Monday night. He says his time in Kansas city has been the opportunity of a lifetime.

Baseball opened up a new world of possibilities, a world he hopes to share one day.
"My deepest desire is to one day introduce the game of baseball to kids in my country where I was born," he said.

He hopes to share it with kids living in Chad who may not be exposed to baseball.

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