John Holt Blog: A Few Final Thoughts on the All-Star Game

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It’s like a wedding. You’re engaged, you visualize, you plan. Who goes where, who does what, who wears what, when you execute, when you rehearse, you rehearse, you meet, you plan, you meet some more.

And then, it’s over. The big day comes and goes and you work it and you experience it and then you wake up and wonder: Was it real? What did I see, whom did I meet, did I do the right things? Was it fun?

That’s the experience we’ve all had with Kansas City’s time in the All-Star Game spotlight.

The engagement came nearly two years ago when MLB awarded KC the much-anticipated ASG in 2012. Our efforts to plan began months ago as the “wedding date” loomed.

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We developed a playbook, a to-do list, a strategic and marketing plan, and of course a journalistic plan. Covering the ASG and its impact well before the first pitch, right up through the final out, and now beyond.

And when I awoke on Wednesday morning, I felt both a sense of relief, and a void. It was over. We really did it. Time to get back to reality.

Having the ASG in Kansas City was at once, exhilarating, and exhausting. Long days, endless hours, less than ideal conditions sometimes, but in the end, we did it.

I’m quite sure I’m not alone. After the game on the field last night Royals employees were hugging, smiling, taking group photos, savoring their moment. I’m sure they feel all of this even more than we do. Imagine the hours and work and time away from family they’ve endured to pull it off. I’m guessing they feel the same sense of exhilaration and exhaustion.

Same for countless city workers, stadium workers, and yes, even fans!

So, collectively, we did it. As a city, as a franchise, as a TV station.

We got engaged, we planned, it came, and it’s over. Like that. Too fast. A blur.

And now we can answer that question.

We had a blast!

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