Apps Reward You For Watching TV

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- It used to be the water cooler that folks went to talk about their favorite TV shows. But now Twitter and Facebook are the discussion hot spots. While interactive TV never really took off, we've got the next best thing - a smartphone and tablet in hand to help us interact with our favorite shows.

We love watching our favorite TV shows, and there's a handful of apps that are taking us beyond the typical tune in.GetGlue pioneered the TV check-in, just tell it the show you're watching and it shares that info with friends, plus you can collect stickers that show you're a true fan.

"Whether you're earning that sticker or not, you're able to have a great chat around a show that you love and the characters you've come to know," explains Kimber Myers of GetGlue.

Once you collect 20 stickers, GetGlue will even send you some real ones.

"There's a loyalty program for everything whether its coffee or gas, but there's no loyalty program for TV," says Chris Stephenson of Viggle.

Now, Viggle rewards you for watching.

Stephenson says, "The rules are pretty straight forward, you get points for watching TV, you get points for watching bonus shows, you get points for watching ads. Once you got your points you redeem them for cool rewards".

Rewards include gift cards to iTunes, Starbucks and more. Next up, IntoNow identifies TV shows like magic by listening to what's on your screen. It's pretty amazing, once it finds your show, it provides related tweets, sports scores, actor info and more.

Finally, check out Peel AllPlay TV. Tell the app about the shows you like and it offers recommendations on what to watch right now - even if it's on Netflix or your DVR. The app can even function as a remote control.

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