New Drought Report & Some Rain

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Rainfall amounts were paltry and really won’t do much of anything to improve the situation around here. For the most part through many say a few hundredths of an inch upwards of about 1/4″. That is about the amount of moisture that we evaporate during the course of the day around here with the lower humidity so again this really won’t do much to alleviate any issues for us.

On that note the latest drought report was issued a few hours ago. The state with the worst drought conditions is Missouri with 93% of the state in extreme or worst (exceptional) drought. The state of KS is not too far behind with 88% of the state in extreme or worse drought conditions. Here is the report from the MO side first…

Now for the KS side

As far as where we stand in the KC metro region…this map was updated from the NWS earlier this AM…

You can clearly see the KC metro area is totally engulfed by the Extreme drought. The next level up (worse) is “exceptional”. Right now parts of western KS and SE MO is under that category.

We are officially close to about 13″ below average since 4/1. That’s more than a foot of rainfall.

There may be some additional activity tomorrow AM and again later on Saturday. The front due in later Saturday will be a decent front for August, and take highs from near 100+ to near 90 on Sunday. Lows may tumble to the 60s…some data suggests Sunday AM may be closer to 60-65. Saturday’s forecast is tricky depending on where the front sets up in the middle of the afternoon, Areas SE of KC may approach 105°+. The less hot air should be readily apparent behind the front so NW MO will be less hot compared to everybody else.. Here is the latest forecast map off the NAM model for 1PM Saturday showing the front draped across the area.

My feeling is that the front should light up with scattered storms. The issue will be despite all that heat we will be rather capped with +15° C in the mid levels moving on in. Plus the convergence with the front is weak at best. So the higher risk of storms may stay on the MO side and the coverage might be rather spotty.

The heat should rebuild towards the middle of next week

Still no significant rainfall heading this way…by significant, with us being where we are in the drought, I’m talking about 1-3″ of widespread rainfall.


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