Shatto Milk Tests Its Equipment After Products Recalled

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –  The Shatto Milk Company sent out an announcement through social media Thursday, stating it expects its products to be back in your store’s milk section early next week.

Great news! We tested all of our equipment this morning with the assistance of the wonderful folks from the State and everything seems to be in good working order.

To make sure we are not missing something and that the initial results were an oddity, we will retest all the milk (which does take a while) and hopefully have all of your favorite milks back on store shelves early next week.

Thanks so much for all the kind words, support and patience. We are truly thankful for such wonderful customers. As always, if you would like to come out and visit us on the farm for a tour to see how we do things, you are always welcome!”

The State Milk Board, in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, announced  milk products produced by Shatto Dairy of Osborn, Mo., were being recalled.

Test results received on Aug. 8 indicate levels of residual phosphatase above the standard for Grade “A” pasteurized milk after routine testing of samples collected on Aug. 6. Residual phosphatase may indicate potentially unpasteurized or improperly pasteurized milk, which can contain harmful pathogens that may lead to food borne illness. Individuals who have the products listed below should not consume those items. The products should be returned to the place of purchase or discarded.

Shatto Dairy’s plant operations have been temporarily suspended, pending the results of the investigation by the State Milk Board and Missouri departments of Agriculture and Health and Senior Services.

In an email to FOX 4 News, Shatto said in part: We have never had any problems with pasteurization in the past, and all of our records and equipment seem to be perfect. The test they reference indicates a high level of something that would indicate that either the milk test was not heated to high enough of a temperature or the milk that was tested got too hot on the way to the testing site, creating a false positive. We will be checking all equipment today to make sure all is perfect and will be retesting all milk prior to putting anything back on the shelves. In the mean time customers should feel free to return the milk referenced for a full refund. We never want anyone to feel uneasy about any products.

According to the State Milk Board, the recalled milk is packaged in glass bottles of varying sizes and labeled Grade “A.” Recalled products include:

  • Whole Milk, unflavored half gallon code date: Aug 19
  • 2% Milk, unflavored pint code date: Aug 19
  • 1% Milk, unflavored quart code date: Aug 20
  • Skim Milk, unflavored quart code date: Aug 19
  • Half and Half pint code date: Aug 19
  • Whole Milk, Cotton Candy flavor pint code date: Aug 20
  • Cream pint code date: Aug 17

The milk products may have been sold in both Missouri and Kansas. The Missouri State Milk Board, in conjunction with the Missouri departments of Agriculture and Health and Senior Services are working with the company to compile a list of retailers to whom the product may have been distributed.

The Missouri State Milk Board continues to review the company’s records to determine when consumers may have purchased the product. Anyone who has purchased these products may return the unused portion to the store from which they purchased the product.

Copies of Missouri’s regulations for Grade “A” milk are available online at

Press Release

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