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The Worst Of Summer Over?

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I was looking at the record highs through the month of August…I know not exactly the most scintillating activity on a Sunday morning…but as I wonder if we’ve really broken the back on the persistent summer heat that has plagued the region over the past 6 weeks, I was struck on just how hot 1936 was and how many records were set during the second part of August of that year.

Take a look a this calendar that I created highlighting the record highs set in 1936. Click on that image to make it larger.

Included in there, is our all time record high of 113°. Anyway, that one month we set 14 record highs alone. we had an average temperature of 87° which I belief is the hottest August in our history.

Certainly a very impressive month for the heat. By the way we had close to 8″ of rain that September and in 1934 we had close to 6.5″ of rainfall.

Anyway it was something that struck my eye.

Won;t bother to rehash today but I will be focused this week on two things, 1) the potential for some better coverage rainfall on Thursday and 2) another dramatic cooldown later in the week that could lead us to challenging more record lows next Friday/Saturday (54°/52°). I’m still not confident on the amount of rainfall with this next decent for mid-August cold front on the way…but I’m growing more confident that we’ll have some unseasonably cool weather to finish off the week.

Also of note is that in looking at the maps over the past couple of days, you can really see that things are in the process of changing in the atmosphere. The prolonged extreme heat seems like it may be ending (100-110°) for days on end. That is obviously typical of of the time of year we’re going into. days are getting shorter now by some 1-3 minutes, the sun angle is getting lower in the sky and the jetstream seems like it’s starting to get more active now and wants to realign itself with the big ridge settling more out west and the eastern part of the country staying cooler and wetter than normal. That places our region in a more persistent NW flow, allowing fronts to come swinging through.

The problem is that we are coming out of MCS season over the next couple of weeks and NW flows can be pretty dry for here so while I have some hope for the late week front to generate a bit more rain for the area, after that I’m not thrilled for much rainfall for awhile again. so while the extreme heat will be cut back noticeably (Wednesday may be our only really hot day of the week) the rain prospects still don’t look to change a lot and that is not a good thing.

You can see the evolution of the cooler air coming down from Canada on this AM’s GFS run.

The colors represent the temperatures of the airmass at about 5000′ or so. Noticed the cooler air dropping in from Canada later in the week!


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