Wife Concerned About Missing Man’s Health

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- FOX 4 first told you about a Silver Alert issued for a 66 year-old Overland Park man on Friday. It's now been four days since he was last seen, and since he's an insulin-dependent diabetic, his family's concern deepens with every passing hour.

Police have done all the usual checks at hospitals, calling friends, scouring the area of 103rd Street and Mission Road where David Dotson was last seen. But so far no leads, few tips, and still no sign of Dotson.

Claire Dotson has spent the last couple of days clutching her cell phone waiting for her husband David to call and hoping it's not a call with bad news. She last saw her husband Thursday morning.

"The normal routine is he fixes me breakfast and fixes me a sack lunch and that's what he had done," she says, "and he gave it to me and I left and he had nothing planned that day."

After work, he wasn't home but she thought maybe he decided to go hunting or fishing. But she was very concerned Friday afternoon when there was still no word from him.

"I started calling all the people I knew he had contact with and no one had heard from him," she says.

Claire said her husband is an insulin dependent diabetic and he didn't take any medication with him, so he could be disoriented or even in a coma. His vehicle is also gone so police have been looking for it: a 2004 red Toyota Highlander with turkey tracks stickers on the back, Kansas tags 328 CGM

Claire hopes if someone sees the car, they will see if her husband is in it perhaps unable to move, or if he's lost and disoriented perhaps someone could help him find his way home.

"I'm a pretty positive person," she says, "I kept thinking all weekend he'll come and we'll say 'oh my goodness where have you been?' it'll be something silly and we'll laugh and then be upset. But now it's been so long."

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