Facebook Posts Prompt Lawsuit Between Metro Supplement Stores

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SHAWNEE, Kan. -- A small business man says a big company is trying to sue him to force him out of business. It's a battle between two supplement stores and while the smaller of the two calls this a David and Goliath story, the company that filed the lawsuit says it is just trying to protect its business from unfair attacks.

Supplement Source and its owner Shane Sleeper is being sued by competing supplement store Complete Nutrition. Sleeper says he's been slapped with a restraining order and Complete Nutrition is suing him for defamation and unfair business practices because of his price comparison quotes he posts on his Facebook page.

Sleeper lists his price on certain supplements, and his competitors price, and then says "don't get ripped off."

"That was the basis of filing the restraining order," Sleeper says, "I would go into the store and price compare their products, it's a common practice in most businesses."

Sleeper says Complete Nutrition just wants to bully him out of business.

"David and Goliath," he says, "the little guy dealing with the corporate giant."

Brent Kremer says he's not a corporate giant. He owns seven Complete Nutrition franchise stores and told FOX 4 that he filed the lawsuit because he felt his business was under attack.

Kremer says Sleeper was manipulating Complete Nutrition ads, "for his own financial benefit."

Sleeper showed us an example of that, which he posted on his personal Facebook page, and he says he was just poking fun at his competition.

"To me its about freedom of speech," Sleeper says, "why can't I say something on my personal page?"

But Complete Nutrition says Sleeper also misrepresented its prices, saying that the actual price people paid either through coupons or sales was far less than what Sleeper posted.

"They're saying I wasn't accurately reporting their prices," Sleeper says, "when I go into a store and pick up a product with a price tag on it, I expect to pay that at check out."

The two sides will fight it out in court next month. Complete Nutrition will have to prove that Sleeper's comments were defamatory. A judge told Sleeper he needs to stay out of Complete Nutrition stores until they get this all sorted out.

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