Drought Gets Worse & Worse

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A couple of days ago I was driving towards the Plaza and really noticed along ward Parkway and in the Plaza itself the number of trees that are drought stressed. So yesterday I decided to wake that drive again before getting to work and take some pictures to back up the reason why the area was upgraded or downgraded depending on your perspective to “exceptional drought” status. This is the worst of the worst when it comes to drought reporting and it is centered now from KC southwards. Thursday’s blog dealt with those developments.

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You can really see how the trees look more and more like what they would look like in late October/November. Numerous trees have dropped their leaves. While many of the younger trees are suffering, even the older more stately trees were turning as well. Some looked less green, while others were showing curling on leaves. It’s amazing how much water some older trees with deep established roots will take in. Various places on the internet show that older trees can take in 50-200 gallons a day. Now think about how dry we’ve been and how long, even the deep soil has seen much in the way of moisture.

Something else interesting to me happened yesterday. Not sure if records are kept about this, but the dewpoints have been nutty low for the last couple of days. Yesterday evening they dropped to 38° @ KCI. Remembering that this is August and usually our dewpoints are inn the 65-70° range (assuming ample rainfall) this to me is quite amazing. I’m wondering if these were record low dewpoints, or close to it, for August. I guess in our weather history it would be possible for dewpoints to cave in later in the month, perhaps after an early strong frontal push form the north, but I sure don’t remember anything like this since I’ve been forecasting the weather in this area.

As far as the rain chances go today, clouds are starting to move in as of this typing and will continue to develop as the day goes along. There are three disturbances that are moving through the Plains states.

The one that we need to watch is #1 in NE. With us in NW flow that will be moving our way this afternoon and tonight. Right now there is a rather large area of rain up there and temperatures are in the mid 50s.

That rain is moving ESE and will likely give at least parts of N MO a wetter mid afternoon. As it gets closer to us and starts to interact act with all the dry air in place it should weaken considerably however some scattered showers are not out of the question this evening for the KC area. Rainfall amounts will be meager for us. Perhaps under 1/4″ for N MO though.

Tomorrow looks like another fantastic day with highs in the lower to middle 80s. We’ll see a slow moderation in the highs through the week and eventually get back into the lower 90s later in the week. We may heat up a bit more as we finish the month, and while no extreme heat is expected, a run in the 95-100° range is certainly possible again before the month is over with.

What we need around here are a bunch of t/storms…perhaps like this one in Russia recently that shows what happens when lighting hits a cable. It looks like something from a fireworks display.



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