Instruments Get a Second Life Through Band of Angels

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY -- The Band of Angels is making sure kids in the metro who need musical instruments get the chance to play. FOX 4 has partnered with Meyer Music to breathe new life into hundreds of used trumpets, violins and cellos.

Instruments can be very expensive and often times more than most families can afford. The owners of Meyer Music know that and formed Band of Angels to help metro musicians out.

"We thought 50 instruments the first year would be great," said Mike Meyer with Meyer Music.  "We did 300 the first year, and collected 650 up to this point."

The Meyers go through stacks of applications matching donated instruments with young musicians in need. The stories are often heart wrenching.

"We have many kids whose parents are imprisoned or come from broken homes or abusive marriage situations," Meyer said.  "This is a haven for them. This is a safe place for them to go where they can feel a part of something."

Applications often come through band directors also. Here is an example of a letter Meyer received.

"Receiving an instrument from Band of Angles would bring them both joy and pleasure," the applicant said.  "They have both given up  sports and other activities. This program would give them the ability to not have to hear us say any more, 'no, we can't afford it'."

Lonnie and Michelle Goodson donated two of their daughters old violins.

"I know how many students are in music how important it is to them and we are happy to get these out of the house and into the hands of someone else that can use them," said donor, Michelle Goodson.

Each instrument has a special story and family history echoes from every case.

"This belonged to my namesake who died in WWI, three weeks before the war ended. I've had it for years," said donor Kenneth Austin."It was made in the late 30's or early 40's."

The Band of Angels is faithful to pair the right instruments with the perfect applicants and insure a musical match made in heaven.

Click here to learn more about Band of Angels.

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