Into The Light…. Announcing Our New Meteorologist

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

This blog has been a long time coming.

For the past nine months, you have offered condolences and support over our loss.

Eventually those thoughts turned to concern as Joe, Karli and I put in some very long days, weeks, and months trying to cover all the weathercasts and obligations of our job while our search for the 4th member of our team was underway. Your thoughts, prayers, and patience helped us get through this arduous period, and I know I speak for Joe and Karli in saying thank you, and we very much appreciate it all.

I am so grateful for Karli and Joe. They are not only true professionals, but most important…they are incredibly wonderful people. Adversity reveals character, and there’s no doubt they passed the test.  I love ’em both. I am very proud to call them my co-workers, and my friends.

I’m writing this blog tonight because the newest member of our team begins work tomorrow. You’ll get to meet her beginning Monday, September 17th.

Michelle Bogowith joins us from Columbia, Missouri. Michelle is a Missouri girl…she grew up in the St. Louis area. She has a Bachelor’s and a Masters degree in meteorology and she has been working as the primary evening meteorologist at KOMU-TV in Columbia. We will have to work on her a bit with regard to her favorite teams…she likes the Rams and the Cardinals…but all of her other stellar qualities helped us overlook those minor character flaws and hire her anyway! She is a delight.  She’s smart, funny and a good solid meteorologist. In short…she’s exactly what we were looking for! I’ll let her handle more of the introduction duties over the next few weeks, but I think you’ll grow to enjoy her a lot!

Michelle will be working the late mornings and midday shows on her regular shift. However, Joe, Karli and I have built up a few days off here and there…so you’ll see Michelle a lot over the coming weeks and months! But next week I’m going to make her head spin while she learns all the computer systems, routines, and tasks she’ll be handling. It’s a lot to learn in a week…and by Friday night…she’ll probably need a couple Advils and a weekend off to hit the ground running on Monday the 17th!

We’ve reached the end of the tunnel…and beginning this week…we are back into the light!

Have a great week!


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