Watch This Video! Grandma Slams Into Grandson In Combine Crash

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HUMBOLT, Kan. -- FOX 4 takes you inside the cab of a demolition derby, but not just any demolition derby-- a combine demolition, where grandma goes head-on with grandson, all for a common good.

The Shriners Combine Demolition Derby at the Humbolt Kansas Speedway was Saturday afternoon and drew a huge crowd, some 5,000 people.

"You can go to any fair and see a derby with cars and such but don't see any combine derbies around plain and simple," says Troy Glasgow, one of the Shriners with the Mirza Shrine.

The Combine Derby raises money for the Shriners, who support the 22 Shriners Hospitals all across the country.

"They will take care of any child throughout the world," says Glasgow, "any child that needs help in whatsoever way they take care, no questions asked and that means something to me."

Glasgow says it means something to him because his daughter and another family member have both been helped at Shriners Hospitals.

"If I see a child that needs help, the Shriners can help do that," says Desiree Kepley, who you see in the video crashing into her grandson's combine. What a jolt!

Kepley loves getting behind the wheel of her combine, called Rosey. She drives it in the derby for Daughters of the Nile, the lady Shriners organization. And the ads covering Rosey top to bottom raise money for the quilts and pjs that the daughters sew and send to kids in the hospital.

"We've sent over 5 million dollars to the hospitals to help the kids, to support the Shriners," says Kepley.

And when it's time to strap in and see what their combines can do, they have to hold on tight. They only wear helmets and lap seat belts for protection.

Misty Spellman's combine has some metal protection welded onto her combine for added safety. She explains that she needs the protection because if the header or the rear tires get taken out, then you're out of the derby.

But no matter how rough it gets on the track, everyone is in good spirits, because it's easy to remember why they're here.

"Sometime you have to step over the line to do something for those kids, because those kids have to step over the line to get better and get well," says Kepley.

The Combine Demo Derby only happens once a year, so you missed it if you weren't there Saturday. You'll have to put it on your calendar for next year.

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