Stay Weather Aware: Winter Weather Advisory through 6 a.m. Friday

Summer Goes Away

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It’s nice to be back from vacation. My wife and I went to Orlando, FL for a one week vacation. Many many moons ago I used to work in that part of the country. Back in the mid 80s I called Palm Bay. FL home and I worked in a small TV station that doesn’t even exist anymore. I did for the heck of it try to find the building and sure enough it was still there but it certainly looked rather rundown. After the summer of drought in our area, and the lower dewpoints associated with it, it was not so great to be surrounded by the think FL humidity again. It was everywhere and that humidity turned into numerous showers that got old real fast after about 2-3 days. It seemed to rain every day after about 1-2PM which is typical. It rained when the sun was out so many times it was weird to see again. It rained lightly…it rained hard. It rained on one side of town and not the other and vice versa. In other words typical for FL. It is the low season there for tourists so that was nice. We went to EPCOT for a day and sure enough it rained for a couple of hours or so but we didn’t have to wait in any line for more than a couple of minutes. I also had to a chance to go to Cocoa Beach on one of my travels. There was a great restaurant called coconuts right on the ocean where I snapped this picture…it was probably the minute I actually felt like I was on vacation.

It was certainly pretty!

OK so I left and we were fighting the 90s and I’m back and it feels like Fall is settling into the area. The calendar says fall doesn’t start for about 6 more days but it just fells different out there. The maps this AM show and extensive deck of cloud cover covering much of W MO and E KS. Here is a satellite view showing how much cloud cover there is out there.

The thickness of the clouds isn’t too great so the sun will eventually burn through them as the late AM moves along.

The focus for the forecast is going to be a series of Canadian fronts that will be moving through the forecast area. Ahead of each front there will be a brief surge of milder air, behind each front there will be a surge of cooler air. The strongest front may wait till later in the week, but in the meantime, while some rain is possible immediately behind the front’s themselves, we still look rather dry for awhile

One front is due in tomorrow mid-late AM that will knock down the temperatures in the afternoon. We’ll then warm up WED into early THU before another weak front pushes through. The front Monday looks like it will be stronger than the front on THU. Regardless however we should be in the 70s for the next several days.

The pattern is going to be VERY amplified later in the week featuring a big dip in the jetstream back east and a big ridge out west. This will place our area in a rather strong NNW or N flow of air coming right from Canada.

As mentioned though, getting decent rain out of this will be tough to say the least. Here is the GFS total forecast for the next 10 days.

In an average September we get about 4.6″ of rainfall @ KCI…so far we’ve done OK for September with 2.75″ which is actually a bit above average through mid September,. but by the end of the week, odds are we’ll be below average again.

I’ll be working the evening sows all week while MT is on vacation. So I’ll see you later tonight.


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