A Fire Tornado!

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I have some cool video that you just have to look at later in the blog of a fire tornado that is the best example of this phenomena that I’ve ever seen. It will be at the end of today’s weather blog.

I really don’t want to rehash things that I’ve talked about for the last few days as really no updates are needed. There are no real changes needed to the forecast at this point. So if you’ve been watching the weathercasts let’s just keep rolling along. I may nudge highs down a couple of degrees next Monday and remove the slight chances for rain this Friday from the forecast but aside from that everything will probably be status quo for the forecast. Gardeners need to pay the most attention to Sunday AM’s forecast lows as some may drop into the 30s and with light winds and dry air, frost will be an issue for part for part of the area especially from the northern reaches of the metro through the IA border region.

I thought the bulk of this blog would talk about the drought over the past year. It’s always tough to figure out “well when exactly did the drought start here”. Some would say it really started last fall. My feelings are that it started in early April. Officially the soil moisture situation went downhill in early May according to the drought monitor. Why do some think it started last fall? Well if you remember last fall was probably one of the best fall seasons we’ve ever had in these parts. The colors were great and the weather was delightfully warm. It also got very dry. The drought that was plaguing the Southern Plains area started to encroach on our region in October when the rain virtually stopped. As a matter of fact from 9/18/11 through October we only had 1″ of rainfall. In reality from the 23rd of August through September we had about 1.2″ of rainfall. Then in October we had only 1″ of rain and it got dry FAST in this part of the country. This continued through the 1st of November when all of a sudden it started to get wet again. We then enjoyed some decent moisture through the late fall and winter months till March of 2012 with the exception of JAN 2012. Total those “wet” months together and we had over 15.5″ of moisture. So yes it got very dry but then it was OK for moisture. Then in April, while we had rainy times including over 1″ late in the month, the other rain amounts were really paltry and things rapidly started to dry out with the spring winds and the increasing sun angle heading into the summer season. Here is a look at the last 3 months of the drought report showing the expansion of conditions and now the erosion of the worst of the drought.

Anyway,, I find it interesting to note that it was last year almost to the date that we started a VERY dry period of time here that lasted about 6 weeks or so.

Now onto the title of the blog today…a fire tornado. I saw this video a couple of days ago and knew I had to show it to you. This occurred in Australia, and area of the world that is very sensitive to what happens concerning La Nina and El Nino. Australia is also for the most part a very dry country and with that dryness comes desert terrain and lots of wild fires. For more information about what causes this phenomena click here. Now to the video…it’s pretty amazing!

Have a great day and enjoy another last gasp of summer weather…these days are getting numbered.


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