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My Running Buddies Include Reba, Shania and Carrie

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Third time’s a charm!  I hope at least.  I’m training for my third-ever half marathon, and this time I need extra OOMPH.  Running the same trails day in, day out for two hours at a time can occasionally get a little un-inspiring, so I’m changing up my trusty six year-old iPod Shuffle to include my most recent favorite running genre.

Tough-girl Country Music.

My ultimate running songs vary based on moods. I have old standbys, like anything by Michael Jackson or Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T, but lately, my musical taste has gone in a much darker and countrier direction.  For the most part, I’m passive, peaceful and gentle, but there’s something about strong women belting out “don’t mess with me” that really get me going. I think it’s the fact that I get lost in their stories while I’m running, and I put myself in their shoes, and for a couple minutes, I forget that my knee is throbbing or that sweat is running into my eyes.

So if you ever see me out running, and I know I bump into a few of you from time to time, don’t be shocked if you see me snarling or mouthing some words while I’m trying to put one foot in front of the other. It’s just me in my own world dreaming I’m Carrie Underwood getting even with her cheating boyfriend.

Here’s my list of mean-girl country faves:

10)  Before He Cheats:  Carrie Underwood

9)  Independence Day:  Mindy McCready

8)  Cowboy Casanova:  Carrie Underwood

7)  Why Haven’t I Heard from You?:  Reba McIntire

6)  Whose Bed Have your Boots Been Under?:  Shania Twain

5)  Only Prettier:  Miranda Lambert

4)   I’ll Think of a Reason Later:  Lee Ann Womack

3)  Look it Up:  Ashton Shepherd

2)  Any Man of Mine:  Shania Twain

1)  Gunpowder and Lead:  Miranda Lambert

Let me know if you have any great songs to add to my list! I’m always looking for variety! Leave your comments in the section below, or message me on Facebook.

Happy Running,


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