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Royals Employees Honored for Helping Co-Worker Gunned Down in Parking Lot

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On September 14, tragedy hit Kauffman Stadium when an employee, Renee Bruce, was critically shot by a man who later killed himself.  Bruce's co-workers acted quickly, rushing to her side, and Wednesday night before the game, they were honored for their courage, and Renee Bruce was honored for her fight to survive.

"To me, they're real heroes people that we should honor even more than we have tonight on the field," Dan Glass, the Royals President said.

Two and a half weeks ago, six people ran toward the gunshots to help Bruce after she was shot. Kevin Buford, Nancy Cubine, Simon Gray, Pat Hankins, Doug Hatch and Lora Lord were all recognized for courageously assisting Bruce.

"Just headed toward the gunfire and that's where we found Renee," Buford recalled.

He said he was one of the first to get to Bruce. Buford and Pat Hankins said they knelt on either side of Renee, holding her hands and tending to her wounds.

"I took one step out of my truck and saw what was going on," Hankins said. "I grabbed a sheet out of my truck, and put that under her head.  Kevin and I just got right down on our, I got on my knees and held one hand, and held the wound with the other hand."

They encouraged Bruce to hold on, to keep fighting for her life.

"Just tell her we loved her and she's going to be fine, and she was worried about her kids, and we just kept talking to her until the ambulance finally got there," Buford said.

While she is still fighting for her life, her children accepted an award from the Royals, a bat signed by the team and a special jersey with her name on the back. Bruce also received more words of encouragement from her Royals teammates.

"Good luck, hang in there and get well, and come back out and see us next year," Hankins said.

Renee Bruce is in critical condition. If you want to help with her medical expenses, contributions can be made to:

Renee Bruce Fund
C/O Arvest Bank
8959 East 40 Highway
Kansas City, MO 64129

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