Presidential Debate: Polls Indicate Romney 1, Obama 0

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On the morning after the debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, everyone and their dog seems to have an opinion on what they saw last night.

"I thought it was a landslide, a TKO for Romney," said Gene Dreyer.

"From the very beginning he had control of the tempo and of the ideas, it was his debate," Steve Katz contends. "Obama looked down the entire time at his notes, if they were notes, he didn't seem up for it."

But another judge, Desiree Hines, leaned toward the left hander.

"I won't say what I thought about the opposing party, being someone who is quite pro Obama, he did seem a little nervous, but I think anyone would," she said.

Nervous or not, it appeared to our judges, the title holder was caught off guard by a few aggressive jabs.

"I do think Romney with his aggressive force, he definitely took the cake on that one," said Andre Hills. "I would give the round to him."

Another judge, Carl Bowen, saw a different bout, one of dancing around specifics.

"Too much arguing back and forth," she said. "They really didn't stick to the subject matter. They talked all over the moderator. I wasn't really happy with it. You always want to hear the truth, but you never do, you always want to hear more than they tell you."

If Mr. Obama wants to impress our judges, Hills says more is needed

"If Obama wants to win, he'll have to come out quite stronger than he has," he said.

Our unscientific polling the Country Club Plaza shows Mitt Romney won round one of the debates last night. President Obama will have two more chances in the ring to get his points across as the debates continue over the coming weeks.

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