Veterans to Get New Place to Call Home in Kansas City

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The statistics tell the story -- too many veterans can't find affordable housing. In Kansas City, it's estimated there are 600 veterans. One third of all veterans suffer from mental and physical issues. But the vision of one woman is now giving Kansas City-area veterans hope and a new place to call home.

Groundbreaking for the Augustine Cameron Place at 32nd and Brighton is underway.

"And we feel it is a great honor for the family," said Pearlie Moore, who spoke for her mother-in-law, Augustine Cameron, whose vision it was to provide housing for veterans and special needs.

"It is an honor," Pearlie Moore said. "She has always loved serving Swope Park. She has given her life entirely to it."

Bill Jones is the CEO of Swope Community Builders. He said the 95-year-old Mrs. Cameron was a board member for 30 years. Naming the complex after her was a no-brainer, he said.

"She had read something about the veterans and the need for veterans to have places to come back to," Jones said. "She came in one day with a newspaper article and said, 'What can you do about this?"

Once the dust has settled and the heavy equipment is cleared, there will be 48 apartments with basements and a fitness center. But the most significant amenity will be that's it located within walking distance of the VA Hospital.

Cameron Place will not only take the place of three abandoned and condemned buildings, it will show veterans that their community really cares.

"She's been a very proud person to serve on the board and has always thought is was an honor, so I'm sure she would be just fascinated to know that she has a legacy left here in Kansas City for disabled veterans and disabled people," Pearlie Moore said of her mother-in-law.

The complex is expected to be finished by mid 2013.

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